Showtime '08


Aliases: Cali, Showtime

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

High School: Chadwick Prepatory Asscademy

Events: 800, 1500, 8k XC

Build: 6', 150 lbs

Personal Bests: 2:00.72 800, 16:40 5kXC, 16:20 3mile,

27:16 VCP 8kXC

All about Showtime:

"My Pimp Game is Unmatched and sought-after"

What else can you say about Cali? When he's not

spending his time desperately trying to scope out naked

chicks in WestCo from his South Clarke window, Wats

is either avoiding his various stalkers or doing midnight

runs with his head phones on listening to eminem.

Curiously politically active...

Stay away from interns named Monica.