Solley '05


Aliases: Solley, Jeb, Cherry, Wolverine

Hometown: Edison, NJ

High School: Edison High School

Events: 1500, 5k, 8k XC

Build: 5'11", 155 lbs

Personal Bests: 26:23/XC, 4:27/1600m, 9:27/3200m, 2:02/800m

All about Jeremiah Solomon:

When he's not takin a shit, talking about takin a shit, or planning his next shit,

Solley enjoys rockin out to punk rock and dissin fools all around campus.

He is best known for this with his pre-race ritual... "Oh f___ that guy

is way too f'n ugly to beat me... oh s___." As of lately this personal modo seems

to be working as the Wolverine has roared back onto the scene after seasons of

battling injuries. He has shown real grit, coming back from being injured

badly, and is now transferring that pain upon the egos of the punks he smokes.

Currently, his times continue to improve, as does the style of his

tenacious hairdo. What waits for Solley in the future of his XC career is yet to

be seen, but you can bet on the shits, the disses, and the dos.