Mossy '06


Aliases: Moss, Mossy, GameMaster

Hometown: Buckland, MA

High School: Mohawk Trail Regional High School

Events: 800m, 8k XC

Build: 5'10", 150 lbs

Personal Bests: 1:56.8 800m

All about Mossy:

Known to some simply as "GameMaster" Mossy is able to

take down even the most ferocious competitors in all games of skill

and wit, from Magic, to Chess, to Hold 'em, to Video games--

he encompasses the entire spectrum of gaming.

A man of speed mostly, Mossy is still a legitimate XC contender,

transfering his guts into dust in the faces of fools from all around the

New England Conference. A psychology major, he'll get into your head,

weedle around, and he doesn't stop... until he's won.