Uncle Owie '06


Aliases: Uncle Owie

Hometown: Athol, MA

High School: Athol HS

Events: 3k SC, 5k, 8k XC

Build: 5'10", 150 lbs

Personal Bests: 25:30 8kXC, 9:16 3kSC

All about O:

Uncle Owen always is reppin Athol Stylez in Middletown to the finest,

pimpin and the like. But he's also fast as shiznit, flyin out front of the

Birds all the time, just makin them look so darn good!

He's got big hopes for himself, but for the team too, and thats why

he's gots to be the team MVP. Spending summers training, scoopin ice cream

and meeting Oregonian ladies or sortin the Olin stacks and poundin miles with his

harrier comrades, he just dont stop improvin, so if you want

to come with... you better remember that Athol dont wait for anybody.

He is the reigning NESCAC 3kSC champ.