Eddy '07


Aliases: Eddy, Stampy

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

High School: Northfield Mt. Herman

Born: October 16, 1983

Events: 5k, 10k, 3kSC(through barriers), 8kXC

Build: 5'10", 458 lbs

Personal Bests: 27:17 8kXC, 34:43 10k

All about Eddy:

Also a wrestler, Eddy personifies blunt hard work and determination.

The amount of pain this guy goes through must be intense, but he always

seems to just shrug it off. Once in a while, he'll give himself a 6:20 easy pace,

but not often. His spirit is undeniable, always claiming himself to be able

to beat anybody in anything, and this is why he is so intimidating. Eddy

especially likes to race his brother, and show that given the same parts,

the man with the larger determination will win. "That's Easy" - E. Kenny.