Rumman '08


Aliases: Rumman

Hometown: Bayport, NY

High School: Northfield Mt. Herman

Events: 5k, 8kXC

Build: 5'8", 154 lbs

Personal Bests(HS): 400-55, 800-2:04, 1600-4:38,


All about Rumman:

Personal Quote: "Exeter and Deerfield Suck"

This angry young man was brought up with the same badass attitude

as all of the Street-Swarthy Mt. Hermanites. Currently, he represents the dopest

of all freshman dorms, Nic6 where he is Resident Pimp Advisor. Occasionally

Snaggled by Toothy regimes, Rumman keeps it real with a smooth flow

and a chill attitude. As of now he is staying strong with the team,

not letting an upsetting injury from last year mark his true potential

to let it rip on the fields and around the track.

...He is the only Yankee D. Bird.