Weston Fuhrman

Aliases: Wes, Westone, Ian P. Landus, FLOJOMOJO,

Fes Wuhrman, Sr. Helicopter, The Human

Mustache Ride

Hometown: Portland, OR

High School: Phillips Academy Andover

Events: 1500, 5k, 8k XC

Build: 6'2", 150 lbs

Personal Bests: 25:30XC, 14:48/5k, 3:59/1500m, 2:01/800m, 16:12/5kXC

All about Wes:

Our Captain and die-hard WesXCer to the core, Wes leads with a fiery

passion instilled in him from the great cloud-sitting Gods of speed, strength,

and pimpness. He spends his spare time wrecking fools on the basketball court,

in the hula-hoop arena, on the dance floors, and on the open roads of the USA.

Raised in the wilds of Oregon pickin cherries and the hyper-technological land

of Japan, he has the mindset of a gritty tree-knockin mustached grizzly caveman

but the skills to rock it to you twenty-first century style as well.

Wes proved his durability last year, fighting through injury to come back and

guide the D.Birds in their quest for victory. Surely, with him, they

will come as close to that as possible.