Franco '07


Aliases: Franco, Tanko, Spanko,

Hometown: Brookline, MA

High School: Brookline HS

Events: 3kXC, 5k, 8kXC

Build: 5'9" 145lbs

Personal Bests: 4:36 mile, 28:56 8kXC

All about Franco:


is always bustin

his hump on the track

and in workouts on the

fields of beloved MTown

wesxc but he's

also doing that

in his spare time,

always carefully

studying how he

can be a better

runner and that

is how he always

is improving. Also,

he's a big fan of big mileage, and as he

continues to pack it on, you know that soon enough

he's just gonna explode onto the scene with some crazy-big-ass times

that will freaking rock you tanko style. When he's not working his tail

off, franco enjoys hangin out at PsiU and just pimpin in general. He is

most likely the nicest man of the team, always there for his bros

no matter what the circumsizes. He's also a master of poetic tech-

nique, so if you ever need to woo a significant other, just

ask him. Franco, You're our man!